Soulful Automatic (2007)

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01. Come Undone
02. Out For Miles (Lyrics)
03. Undertow (Lyrics)
04. Prize Fighters (Lyrics)
05. Tire Fire (Lyrics)
06. Shag If You Want To (Lyrics)
07. You Love It (Lyrics)
08. Shimmering Stars And The Moon Majestic
09. Ride (Lyrics)
10. Soulful Automatic (Lyrics)
11. Light Years (Lyrics)
12. California Baby  (Lyrics)

Big Rock (2004)



.... Track Listing ....
01. Touching Wonder (Lyrics)
02. All of Yours, All of Mine (Lyrics)
03. Company Time (Lyrics)
04. You Already Know (Lyrics)
05. Calling Out (Lyrics)
06. From Here to Anywhere (Lyrics)
07. I Made an Offer (Lyrics)
08. She's My Baby (Lyrics)
09. Clothes on the Floor (Lyrics)
10. High Strung (Lyrics)
11. One of the Good Ones (Lyrics)
12. Shoulder Companion (Lyrics)


Core Of Discovery (2000) 



.... Track Listing ....
01. Pleased to Meet You

02. Hit Me
03. Horizon

04. Production Day
05. Memo Book
06. Sitting Tree

07. It Keeps On Giving
08. Seal-ring
09. How Is Your Life?

10. Strife
11. Let It Down / I'm Not Going Back

About A Painting (EP 1998) - Available upon request

Original Face (2014)

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Orbital Amusement (EP 2011)

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Minnesota locals find it at the Electric Fetus, Cheapo, Treehouse Records and Roadrunner Records.

1.Gorilla Fighter (Lyrics)
2.Orbital Amusement (Lyrics)
3.Megaphone (Lyrics)
4.Shadow (Lyrics)
5.Found Is A Passion (Lyrics)
6.The Tower (Lyrics)

"Orbital Amusement is full of fun fuzzy textures and modulated goodness. Chris Perricelli's live use of the Fuzz Probe is the best and most creative I've seen yet. - Zachary Vex

Of Mind And Matter (2009)

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