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6+ Tips How to Have Minimalist Wardrobe

Cabinets are important furniture that is definitely inside the house, especially the wardrobe.

This item is generally placed in the bedroom to put all kinds of clothes.

The concept of a minimalist home will also affect the design of the closet that will be in the house.

The following is how to have minimalist wardrobe for your beautiful minimalist home.

How to Have Minimalist Wardrobe

1. Adjust the Room Size

why have a minimalist wardrobe

Before buying a wardrobe, you should know the size of your bedroom area.

The narrower the bedroom, the smaller the wardrobe is.

Now there are many minimalist wardrobes that have one door design with many shelves in them.

Various tops of clothing are hung, while for pants and accessories are placed on the shelf.

Of course, a small wardrobe can’t put too many people’s clothes.

Your lifestyle also needs to change by not putting a lot of things in the closet.

Choose clothes that you often use for work, sleep, recreation, or just relaxing.

While accessories, you can use drawers which are usually inside it.

2. Number of people

minimalist wardrobe basics

Is the bedroom occupied by more than two people?

Minimalist wardrobe are impossible to have if there are more than two people.

The more, the size of the closet will usually get bigger.

For a minimalist cupboard model, can be seen at

Now there are many two-door wardrobes where one door consists of a number of shelves and drawers, while the other one specifically hangs shirt.

If the closet is used to put clothes in more than two people, you should use this type of closet.

The goal is that your clothes are not mixed, making it easier for you to look for to clothes.

3. Sliding door design

create a minimalist wardrobe

A small room will make you not free to put lots of things.

You will also find it difficult to have a closet that has an open door design out because it can hit other objects.

The solution is to use a sliding door design wardrobe.

You only need to shift the door to close and open, thus saving space.

4. Neutral color

ideas for a minimalist wardrobe

Awful selection of color in the wardrobe will make your bedroom narrower.

Minimalist closet usually appear in monochrome colors such as black and white.

You can also try other colors like wood accents.

Neutral and natural colors will make the bedroom look more elegant, spacious and simple.

5. Other furniture combinations

minimalist wardrobe challenge
Ahsap Dekorasyon

Now many wardrobes lemari pakaian are one set with other features such as work stations or beds.

This set will certainly affect the layout of your minimalist room.

This combination design will make the bedroom become optimal.

You no longer need to buy similar furniture separately.

6. Select mirrored wardrobe

minimalist wardrobe dresses

You can choose a minimalist closet that has a mirror on the outside door.

Besides being able to save space and budget, the mirror will provide an effect that makes the room more spacious.

Mirrors will usually be as big as wardrobe doors which will be very expensive if you buy separately.

How to have the minimalist wardrobe is more difficult than choosing other furniture.

Beside you have to be adapted to the needs of occupants, another obstacle is the space to put the closet.

Before buying, you should consider the things above so that the closet does not narrow the room and optimize your clothing storage.

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