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Is it true that Blood Type Affects Personality? These are 8 Science Facts!

“People with blood type A have a logical, quiet, patient, and creative nature.” Have you ever heard such statements?

Some people believe that blood type has a relationship with one’s personality. But is this concept really applicable? See the following explanation.

1. The categorization of blood groups is called “ketsuekigata”

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This belief dates back to 1927 in Japan. A professor named Takeji Furukawa conducted a study claiming that blood groups affect the personality of each person.

2. After that, many Japanese people believed in the concept

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This belief is similar to belief in horoscopes. People feel there is a match between the character of the blood group and themselves. A survey in 2008 showed 75 percent of Japanese people believed it.

Blood type then plays a big role in one’s life, work, and love. For example, blood type A people usually avoid getting married to blood type B people because they are believed to have opposite characters.

3. Ketsuekigata is increasingly popular and its use is increasingly strange

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I was so confident with the Japanese, Japanese people sometimes use it unreasonably. There are several companies that make assignment decisions based on the blood type of their employees.

Some childhood schools adapt teaching techniques to the blood type of their students. In fact, one of the prime ministers of Japan once manipulated blood groups to be shown to the public.

4. Then stereotypes appear that lead to discrimination

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Some people with certain blood groups feel discrimination due to cancer. For example, people with blood type B are labeled too individualistic and selfish. This makes it difficult for them to get a job.

People with AB blood type are often considered strange and different. Some children with AB blood type also experience bullying because of it.

5. Then is this concept scientifically correct?

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In 2005, a group of researchers from Taiwan tried to prove whether Ketsuekigata was true or not. The study did not find a significant relationship between personality and blood type.

Subsequent research was conducted in Japan in 2014. The results were the same, there was no relevance between the two. Some subsequent studies also have similar results. So there is indeed no relationship between personality and blood type based on research conducted in 2005 and in 2014.

6. Ketsuekigata belongs to pseudoscience

Source: adventist.org

It can be concluded that in fact this science is classified as pseudoscience. There is no strong scientific basis to base it but many people believe.

In addition, only 10-20 people were examined by Takeji Furukawa, the person who first sparked the idea. This proves that tourism is unscientific.

7. How can the character of the blood type match the character of some people?

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Early research is based on what properties most people have with certain blood groups. Therefore, many people feel that they have a match.

This can also be due to logical fallacy. People consider a piece of information correct if it has a certain meaning for it. They also reject what is not in accordance with their beliefs.

8. Blood type cannot be used as a benchmark for judging someone’s nature

Source: dailycaring.com

There may be certain trends that each blood group has. But everyone has unique and different characteristics from each other. Ketsuekigata cannot be used as a reference to determine it.

How about you, do you believe in the concept of this blood type?

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