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These 7 Things That Happen To The Body When Struck by Lightning, Terrible!

Have you ever imagined how it feels to be struck by lightning? The possibility of lightning striking someone is very rare. You could say about one in 13 thousand. But this does not make it a terrible phenomenon.

When talking about what it’s like to be struck by lightning, it’s important to know that lightning is a very large flow of electricity. Electrocution is nothing. Therefore, most people who are struck by lightning will not survive.

If you are curious about what happened to your body when struck by lightning, consider the following facts!

1. Hair will stand up just before the lightning strikes you

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Some people who survived the lightning strike admitted this was that their hair would stand up shortly before being struck by lightning. There were also those who reported that they felt that all the metal used at that time vibrated. If you experience this together with the sound of lightning, you should immediately find a place to take shelter before it’s too late and lightning grabs you.

2. You will feel the lightning hitting you hard

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The people who had experienced it claimed that their bodies seemed to be captured and hit by a freight train. When lightning strikes you, you will not know what is happening around and do not have control of your body, the body seems to stop, trapped in a lightning sting.

3. Will get burns

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Of course, because it contains electricity, the body will get burns. Reporting from Mindblowing Facts, the heat carried by lightning is five times greater than the heat of the sun that is commonly felt by humans.

But a new feeling of heat will be felt after lightning strikes. The resulting wound is not unusual. The body of the victim will get a lightning-shaped wound, or resemble a tree branch, due to heat waves flowing in the body. Some people even lost their hands due to severe burns.

4. The sound of lightning will damage the eardrum

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One of the most common injuries caused by lightning is damage to the eardrum. This is because lightning produces a large shock wave around the strike area and it causes damage to the eardrum of people who are struck by lightning.

If you are in the area, waves will flow in your body, damage your eyes, internal organs, and your ears are no exception. His strength will make you unable to hear in a few moments.

5. The body experiences a seizure that never stops completely

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Electric waves from lightning will also attack the nervous system. Therefore, the body will fall and experience severe seizures that may not stop completely. Some victims were struck by lightning claiming that they suffered permanent seizures like Parkinson’s sufferers.

6. Lightning can stop the human heartbeat

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Most people who die after being struck by lightning are not from burns, but rather from a heart attack. The amount of electricity carried by lightning can shock the heart until it doesn’t beat again.

7. What happens if you survive a lightning strike?

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The hardest part of being struck by lightning is its side effect. Doctors and scientists don’t always know exactly what they have to do, because the most affected is the nervous system.

The victim has the potential for memory loss, difficulty speaking or moving, until his personality changes. Some victims even become allergic to metals.

Side effects from being struck by lightning can be temporary or permanent. This depends on how big the effect of lightning is on each person’s body. Even though it is less likely that someone will be struck by lightning, you should be careful!

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